Visit Malaysia Year 2014


Visit Malaysia Year 2014

Promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination is a national mission, as reiterated but YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia during the launch of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Promotional Campaign in January 2013. The hosting of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 as well as the designating of 2013 as a preparatory year (VMY campaign promotional year) is timely as a means to boost arrivals in order to meet the 2020 target.

Malaysia is targeting to receive 28.8 million in foreign tourist arrivals during VMY 2014. The theme of VMY 2014 is “Celebrating 1Malaysia…Truly Asia”. The focus of our campaign for VMY 2014 is: We are the host.

The Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Malaysia are wasting no time in making early preparations to woo the targeted 28.8 million tourists for 2014. We are kicking off in a big way through the hosting of several tourism carnivals to create awareness and solicit strong support from both public and private sectors.

The theme “Celebrating 1Malaysia… Truly Asia” serves to highlight the country’s pillars of strength namely the diverse cultures and multi-racial communities living in harmony and peace in one beautiful and blessed country.

The launch of VMY 2014 promotional campaign on January 19, 2013 was aimed to put all Malaysians in the state of readiness, to be part and to take the role as the host for Visit Malaysia Year. It is also to mobilised supports from all walks of life and all sectors existed in the country, not only from our industry players and partners.

This will be a platform to encourage more Malaysians to be part of VMY 2014 celebrations besides creating a patriotic sense of ownership of our beloved country and together, Malaysia can stand out for Visit Malaysia Year 2014.


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