AirAsia India

Tony Fernandes of AirAsia - Image by Vikas Khot

Tony Fernandes of AirAsia – Image by Vikas Khot

AirAsia India 

AirAsia, Asia’s largest low-cost carrier, is set to paint the Indian skies red and revolutionize the Indian market with its tag line, “Now Everyone Can Fly”. Group chief commercial officer Siegtraund Teh said the airline’s plan is to strengthen its brand presence in India as well as its network connections in the country’s domestic market. “AirAsia has grown into a very strong brand. We have established ourselves over the past 11 years. The ‘red’ is so strong,” she told Business Times recently.

AirAsia announced its decision to enter the Indian market last month. The airline will fork out RM94 million to RM155 million as an initial capital to start up AirAsia India. The new affiliate is a joint-venture between the airline, Tata Sons Ltd and Arun Bhatia of Telestra Tradeplace Pvt Ltd. AirAsia will own a 49 per cent stake while the other two will own 30 per cent and 21 per cent, respectively.

With more low-cost carrier terminals mushrooming in the Asian region, Teh said the airline will always go back to its basics by guaranteeing the lowest fare to the market as well as giving the best quality service and not compromising on safety issues. “This is the fundamental role that we need to play and it won’t change because this is who we are. Our brand differentiates us from our competitors,” said Teh.

Air Asia Plane

Teh said the airline’s brand has grown so huge now that it is important to make sure all of its affiliates – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan and soon-to-be India – work towards the same goal. “To align all the affiliates is not an easy job. Ultimately, we are one company, one brand,” she said.

Being the new group chief commercial officer, Teh said her role is to make sure the team from all the affiliates work together to drive in the revenue and ensure that all of them are on the right path in achieving the airline’s goals and objectives for AirAsia India.

Source: The New Straits Times –


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