Legoland MiniFigure Magic comes to Malaysia


Legoland MiniFigure Magic comes to Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia is bringing a unique and captivating new craze to Asia. The Minifigure Swap involves the trading of small Lego® figurines, usually referred as Minifigs. The Minifigure Swap has won the hearts of visitors at Legoland Parks around the world. It is designed to encourage interaction between Model Citizens (Legoland Staff) and Park visitors. The concept is that guests can swap their Minifigure with the Model Citizens who wear the figurines on their name badges and have no choice but to agree to the exchange. Park guests may also wish to trade with each other but, if they want to hold on to their favourite Minifigure, they are not under the same obligation to swap.

“The Minifigure Swap is a special tradition and everyone can play their part. It is a fun way to meet new friends and an important part of the interactive experience that makes our Parks so unique” said Siegfried Boerst, General Manager Legoland Malaysia. The first Minifigure Swap in Asia is being launched to coincide with the school holidays and to kick things off Legoland has set aside 300 highly sought after Minifigures, which will be distributed amongst the Model Citizens, ready for park guests to get their hands on.

Legoland Malaysia GM - Siegfried Boerst

Legoland Malaysia GM – Siegfried Boerst

To date there are almost 4000 Minifigure characters ranging from policemen to princesses and cowboys to cheerleaders. Minifigures are collected by both children and adults across the world, the biggest collections running into the thousands. They are highly customizable and parts from different figures can be mixed and matched, resulting in a large number of combinations. To help guests get involved a complimentary Build a Minifigure (BAM) voucher will be given away with the purchase of a ‘Kids Meal’ at selected food and beverage outlets at Legoland Malaysia between Saturday 16th and Sunday 31st March. The vouchers can be exchanged at three designated Minifigure Redemption Stations around the Park.

Participating F&B outlets include Jungle Cafe, Market Restaurant, Pizza Mania, Knight’s Feast and Robot Kitchen. Guests can also purchase Minifigures from any retail outlet in the Park and at the Brick Shop they can even build their own custom Minifigure. There are many loose Minifigure parts and accessories to create endless combinations with. The Brick shop will additionally be offering visitors a special promotion to purchase three Build a Minifigures and receive a free BAM box for the whole month of March.

An exclusive ‘Spot the Minifigure’ give-away will also be happening at the park during this time. Every day starting 16th March a custom-built Minifigure will be worn by a designated Model Citizen. Each time a lucky guest correctly identifies the Minifigure they will be rewarded with a special prize and the custom Minifigure will be passed to a new Model Citizen ready to be spotted again. Prizes include LEGO toys and meal vouchers that can be used throughout the Park’s F&B outlets. The spot and win activity will end on the 31st March 2013 at Legoland Malaysia.


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