KK Food Fest 2013

Kota Kinabalu Food Festival

KK Food Fest 2013

2013 has just started, but the third Kota Kinabalu Food Festival (KK Food Fest) is already fast approaching! Scheduled to run from 1 to 30 April, this annual event promises 30 days of great dining experiences, dozens of restaurants with exciting festival menus, and a whole lot more.

KK Food Fest 2013 was organised to showcase several of Kota Kinabalu’s best and most well-loved restaurants, with the interest of giving the local food and beverage industry even more of the attention it deserves. The previous events made diners eager to eat out at their favourite restaurants and try out new ones, but the third KK Food Fest intends to be bigger and better in many ways.

The festival’s concept is slightly different from regular food exhibitions: instead of just a one-day event in a single venue, it’s a full-scale celebration of food that is held over 30 days across all of the event’s participating restaurants. A number of fringe events, bookended by an opening bazaar and a closing cocktail, will serve as diversions in between all the eating.

KK Food Fest

The 2-day opening bazaar will introduce all of the festival’s participating restaurants to the hungry public, offering a chance to showcase fine food or sell products in a very visible space. For the first time, KK Food Fest will also be co-hosting the 2-day Sabah Food Industry Expo together Delicious Sabah Magazine in the same month.

KK Food Fest’s finale will be a closing cocktail, a by-invitation affair that will gather the participating restaurants, suppliers, prime players in Kota Kinabalu’s food and beverage industry, and members of the media for a very fruitful night of casual networking. The Festival Magazine is the heart of KK Food Fest, serving as a guide to the delectable dishes that will be served up by the event’s participating restaurants. Detailed information on selecting and locating great food is made simple by this all-in-one reference, which will also list each restaurant’s specially designed Festival Menu.

Every restaurant that participates in KK Food Fest will offer a Festival Menu, which may be a house favourite or a brand new dish created especially for the duration of the event. Restaurants are encouraged to make their featured Festival Menus interesting and tantalising, since Kota Kinabalu’s foodies are always happy to discover great new eats and treats! Also seeing a return are the Stamp and Win Contest. A section of the Festival Magazine will be dedicated to the contest, allowing its bearer to collect stamps from participating restaurants and fringe events and stand a chance to win a variety of fantastic prizes.

Kota Kinabalu Food Fest Logo

Kota Kinabalu Food Fest 2013

Sabah may be known for gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, and one of Malaysia’s most famous mountains, but it’s also home to a city of people who simply cannot resist the call of good food. Loosen those belts and get your appetites ready. The Kota Kinabalu Food Festival is back for a third serving, and it’s bigger and better than ever.

Local restaurants, hotel outlets, qualified chain eateries, gourmet food retailers, and wine suppliers will join this 30-day celebration of everything to do with great food and drink. Visit http://www.KKFoodFest.com or follow the official KKFoodFest page on Facebook for regular updates on the event. If you are visiting Kota Kinabalu in Sabah anything in April, do check out the KK Food Fest 2013.


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