Red Bull Malaysia to give away 80,000 cans during Chinese New Year 2013


Red Bull Malaysia to give away 80,000 cans during Chinese New Year 2013

Red Bull, the nation’s Number 1 energy drink, is once again collaborating with PLUS Malaysia Berhad to distribute Red Bull in conjunction with the Chinese New Year holidays. “Red Bull PLUS Pit Stops” will be providing 80,000 cans of Red Bull to energise tired drivers at selected lay-bys along the nation’s busiest highway during this festive season.

Drivers on the North-South highway can energise themselves with the Red Bull energy drink and participate in a fun and interactive game designed to relax and refresh their minds and bodies.

Jyn Wee, Executive Director of Red Bull Malaysia said, “Chinese New Year is the time when people ‘balik kampung’ to be reunited and celebrate with their families. Concentration is needed on the busy roads and highways. Red Bull is energising drivers on the PLUS highway to ensure that drivers are kept awake and alert while driving. We wish everyone a safe journey.”

Dato’ Noorizah Hj Abd Hamid, PLUS Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer added, “We urge all road users to plan their journeys during the Chinese New Year holidays. Therefore, we also advise that drivers take a break every two hours’ at our rest areas which are available along the highways. Red Bull’s presence at our rest areas helps our users to rejuvenate before they continue their journey.”

Red Bull energy drink is the ideal functional drink for road-users, as it is important to maintain a high level of alertness while driving. Red Bull improves concentration, revitalises the body and mind, while stimulating mental and physical alertness.

PLUS Highway users are advised to take note of the Travel Time Advisory, which is designed to help ease traffic congestion during the 2013 Chinese New Year holiday season in Malaysia.


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